Dialogy Overview

Dialogy Overview

DIALOGY: educational programs of the Festival of Tolerance is an originally developed interactive project of non-institutional learning for young people. It was developed by the Jewish Film Festival Zagreb Association, which has been conducting such education since 2009. More than 35,000 young people have participated in the programs implemented so far. Dialogy started as a digital platform in 2020. Today it is a unified name for educational programs that have been developing since 2009. Faced with a lack of content aimed at informing and educating young people to create competent, educated and socially sensitized members of society, the Association in cooperation and with the support of numerous institutions, has launched a number of initiatives to form widely available, carefully designed cultural and educational programs. If there is no civic education as an independent subject within the curriculum, we must encourage it to be realized.

The problem of media literacy, knowledge of basic information about the functioning of civil society, awareness of current social problems, insistence on finding solutions that are humane, tolerant, inclusive and democratic, are a summary of past and future ways of conceiving and implementing the Dialogy project. The program was developed from about 10 originally designed programs for young people that focused on direct contact and communication with students through lectures using modern tools, especially film. Through films and related content, students are given a context for intellectual and emotional engagement on a particular topic which is then elaborated through communication with professionals and people who share personal experience. We will only understand diversity if we talk about it. That is why this project encourages dialogue on topics that are (often) not talked about or are talked about in order to fulfill the form. By developing interactive content in digital and physical form that are innovative and interesting to young people, the goals of the project will be achieved.

The activities of Dialogy are carried out in annual cycles related to the duration of the school year, and new contents, topics and collaborations are prepared for each cycle. The project will be implemented from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 in cooperation with several associations and partner schools from different parts of Croatia. The project received support from the Fund for Active Citizenship in Croatia in the amount of EUR 14,947.77.

The programs are intended for seventh and eighth grade elementary school students and high school students, and all interested teachers can contact ozana@festivaloftolerance.com.

You can follow the activities of this project on the association's website and on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram.