Holocaust education

Holocaust education


The Holocaust is a deep wound in the history of mankind that, even after eight decades, does not cease to cause pain and determine us. Tens of millions killed, expelled and abused in a short period of time will forever be a reminder and a warning of the (self) destructiveness of the human species. Let's talk about it!

Holocaust education

The first online Educational Morning was organized on November 25, 2020 with the participation of dr.sc. Matthiass Hass from the Wannsee Conference House Memorial and Education Center. The program is organized in cooperation with the German Embassy in Zagreb and IFA (Institute for Foreign Cultural Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany).

A recording of a lecture entitled “The Wannsee Conference: The Persecution and Killing of European Jews” and conversations with students are available on the Dialogy platform for all interested professors.

For access to the platform and detailed information please contact Ozana Filipić at: ozana@festivaloftolerance.com